Modern Vagrant Rhyme Poems

Jesus said the following [Vagrant’s Rhyme]

By Aleme Gammo,Ethiopia

Storytelling and teachable instants as he sought
These were his weapons when he taught
Never in possession of a weapon
But when he was about to be arrested
He revealed to his disciples about the opposition
They would face after hide departed
And he did tell it would be a time of fortification
When they might need a sword to safeguard
But as for using a sword to fight foray’s at the vanguard
He told his disciples not to take up the swords
Against an enemy but said that the following words

“Return your sword to its place or scabbard
For all those who take up the sword
Will be perished by the sword!”

Kindness in all actions -(Vagrant’s rhyme)

Dolly Bhaskaran, UK

My Divine taught us kindness in all actions
to follow depends on our satisfaction
it is always good to learn the right things
as this moulds your life for the future
teach the children from an early age the values
they learn the good values and shape their future
proper studies are needed to devalue
always make sure that they learn the best
responsibility is to nurture the best
allow them to be the first in everything
love them and encourage them in anything

All the virtues can accomplish
once you follow the path you can polish
the values and enjoy your life to establish

Ships and planes and trains

By Rosewinter515

This sunshine land of blessed Ukraine
Wheat and sunflowers on the plain
A land of milk and honey blessed
When they became a separate state
With national independence
Their government was totally separate
From outside interference
And all was well, and all went well
Until disaster, disaster befell
In Twenty-fourteen the turning point
When Russians entered Ukraine at gunpoint

Ukraine is under the Russian yoke
Whose military operation Is no joke
How shaken world awoke to nuclear smoke

My view points ( Poetic form :: Vagrant’s rhyme)

By Poet PK ROY,India

Year ends, nowhere I’m near the assigned target;
Experts say, bad condition prevails in market
If so, seriously thinking — how to boost sale;
Oh! my boss won’t allow any bargain;
Clear-cut guidance, he’d say, no exception.
I’ll try, damn sure Boss will fire again.
Know he doesn’t believe in preconception;
Jargon as said, like last year can’t save me;
this time he won’t pardon my fresh plea.
Certainly boss will throw my logic;
sales data he’ll match to prove the illogic.

Project aim is clear to him; it won’t free
my tension, felt nauseous; I know he can foresee
what will be my view points, surely he won’t agree.

Began To Pour Down Rain Outside [Vagrant’s Rhyme Poem]

By Andrew Troy Kell

As soon as it began to pour down rain outside,
both Peter and Betty ran so quickly inside
and he started a fire before he turned to see
her standing naked which made him talk her into
getting on the bed and spreading her legs open
in order to strip down and allow himself to
thrust his beaver basher so hard and deep within
her honey pot and suck on her melons before
his rod of pleasure has performed that messy chore
of shooting a full load of cum into her slit
and they both fell asleep after that one strong fit.

The next day, Peter woke up and saw Betty look
outside and smile before his new fuck buddy took
a shower and he wrote about it in a book.

Dreaming a dream

Mital Joshi, India

from the clutches of the daily routine
filled with endless cups of caffeine
I dreamt a dream to break free
go see the world never before seen
the mountains, the rivers meeting endless sea
forests covered with various shades of green
look at clouds floating above the tree
grab a breath of air so pure
walk on rocks, soaking the allure
study the oceans, where waves recede
where do souls wander when freed,

on seeing the heart, dreaming a dream
eyes start to shine with gleam
poor brain, forced to scheme a scheme.



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