Modern Poems of International poets about Alemseged Sisay

The champion of modern

By Michael Mc Dermott

Poet Michael Mc Dermott.Ireland

the champion of modern
Aleme Gammo original
Haku poetry for people

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Dedication [Haiku]

By Adam Smith

Poet Adam Smith, Israel

A man with a tale
Few words have been left untouched
Now it’s time to sleep

Dedication to one of the most hard-working poets of our time

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Poem On Wisdom With Aleme Gammo’s Wazaka Form

Dr.Brundaban panda,Legendary Poet,Best Citizen of India

Wisdom owns Common sense
Within science and conscience
Wisdom follows consciousness
Wise man wins worldly honors

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Aleme Gammo

By Poetess Rosewinter515

Poet Aleme Gammo
Carefully teaches styles
Inspires fresh ideas


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Aleme Gammo (Haku Poem)

Poetess Dolly Bhaskaran,UK

Poet Aleme Gammo
various styles of poetry
invented and taught others

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Source :

Ethiopiate on the Street — Addis Ababa Amharic

By Aloysius, from Missouri

it seems to me that it must be
antipathy of poetry
being on the wings of freedom

54 countries — Africa
gammo — Ethiopia
the soil from where earth was born

homogenous diversity
incongruous monopolies
europe, asia, bodies were torn

So it can be understood why
some order might be justified
aligning poems to a form

like the oceans must have a shore
degradation must have a cure
to bring mankind a peaceful norm


Aleme Gammo, Poet

Aleme Gammo, poet,
Teaches us virtually, then
Publishes our poems.

by Rosewinter515
Haku 7–8–7 for Aleme Gammo

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Alemseged Sisay (Haku Poem)

Dolly Bhaskaran,UK

His writings are penned in jail
113 styles of poetry invented
educational purpose

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Amharic Dream,

The Poet’s link:

Mengistu Lemma: still longing
‘Yabbatoch Ch’ewata’ singing
Pastimes of the Forefathers.

When Word made world with all things new
Aleme Gammo, also grew
As Janus of Argonauts.

Looking for the Golden Fleece
Of poetry and love of peace:
Janus gate of past and future.

From sadness, joy and new simile,
Genius reached the richest style,
Amharic language has explained.

All the tribes deserve the own queen
And favorite verses of Qene,
in front of cauldron with dinner.

Befeqadu Hailu brought soup
Of Zone 9 bloggers modern group
Making an attempt as sinner

Of ebony nights and this sad joy
Among the tyrants who destroy
The poetry of every day.

Kebedech Tekleab new postcard
African Absurdities`bard:
Democratic Cannibalism.

Mengistu Lemma of hard times
Married the new and old rhymes
In events called abduction.

Man Jesus of old promises
Men of no more sacrifices
After voice of suffering love.

Lady of home and new angels,
Liyou Libsekal changes
Azure of Addis Ababa.

Boghossian and Tekleab
Aluminum white sculpture
On the embassy granite wall,

Billene Seyoum so far away,
Give Me a Dog’s Life Any Day:
A statue of Long Patience.

In “Pambazuka News”of morrow,
Billene may sing her sorrow:
Modern slavery of women.

Climbing Sun`s sacred mountains,
With never known the lover’s sins
Like Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin

Solomon Deressa still tames
The smile of sun and women`s flames
Amharic words like wet-land weeds.

Kebede Mikael calls the past
But generations sail so fast,
No passenger remember.

Gold shadows when is often late,
Riding elephants, Adeleke Adeite
Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro.

Martha Nasibù Memory
As you remember me,
Principessa etiope.

Alem Hailu Gebre Kristos:
Welcome White Dove of Eritrea
Twenty years of no-war-no-peace.

Mengistu and new currant wine,
Friend of Bernard Shaw and mine
Made famous Harar melody.

source :

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Aim Of AP Poet, Aleme Gammo

By Dr.Brundaban panda,Legendary Poet,Best Citizen of India

Aim of AP poet, Aleme Gammo
Arranging Haku contest game
Awarding them, favor for fame..

— — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Open Door

State of constant revolution,
As in gamma distribution
Of great expectations and love.

Gammo poem coalescent
As “Humanity In Descent:
Images — Human Suffering”

Amharic Poet-soldier
Of Shalaqa-Basha bolder
Feelings melted into spring.

Yalacha Gabicha`s witchcraft
Leaned on friendship and laughed:
With Bahiru and Belete.

Like riding a blind horse around
The other side of “ti amo” town
Patriots: e Wust Arbegnoch.

Techane and Gezmu promise
Abroad, at poverty office,
Bale Kaba Ena (Bale) Daba.

Under long ebony night dome
Gebeyanesh Door to Freedom.
Bewketu Seyoum counts the stars.

State of changing dreams of colors
And daily bread for all others,
In a world of constant challenge.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

All About Poet Aleme Gammo

By Sir, Professor ,Brundaban panda

Dr.Brundaban panda,Legendary Poet,Best Citizen of India

Acknowledgement goes for the poet and writer, Aleme Gammo,
As because your poetic contribution AP poets know your name.
A son of veteran police officer you are worthy citizen of Ethopia,
As the first Telecom Technician your name fame within your area.
According to historical point your tribal culture’s had long standing,
A noble statement that poet is second God producing poetical art,
Acknowledgement must be given by the people of Ethiopian State.
Absolute pleasure you acquire when you share and write the poems,
Amazon kindling honored your books also the publisher,
All details about you I collected from your AP profile to write a poem,
Already your books are world records duly stored in the printed form,
Appreciation goes for you praiseworthy effort poet dies , stays fame
Actively awake to advance ahead an inspiring message sends poet,
After reading my poem please send feedback kindly accept respect.

Source :

Learning About Aleme Gammo Today

What do I know of Aleme Gammo?
Only that he has a voracious vocabulary.
He is a poet, a Telecom technician, the son of a vet,
and a sage word-player.
From Ethiopia, surrounded by spirit, possibly of his birth mother.
Aleme writes of dendrites; I thought only I did that. Few do.

My hell is a Lake of Fire to him; this made me smile as I read his poetry.
He cautions others to be wary of long-distance love photos.
He appreciates the preceding generations which invented much.
“My friends say I’m debonair and gentle,” he says. Blaming them.

He has written thirteen books, six are poetry. One is an anthology.
He makes fun of the prissy high-brow Ethiopian list,
Which makes me think he secretly wants to be on there.
I do believe if anyone should be, it should probably be him.

He writes “I am so, so, interviewers hate me.”
This made me laugh, knowing his sense of humor now.
I had such a great time parading through his poetry.
Learning what a fantastic genuine, deeply caring poet Aleme is

Source :

Oh Aleme!

Gammo, could have come from the same village

milked the same beasts before school

tired at our desks

Adolescents off to greece

make a fortune selling chinese junk

teats all past

Slim in designer jeans

fat into mid-life

villa with pool

Both with good income

a perchance for occasional rhyme

happy with a meaningless existence

Sunday boating on the Siene

Oh Aleme i heard the girls call

each to each

Unlike me

not a man overboard

curse of slapping surf to herd!

Mister Gammo so far from grief,

islands of difference, independence blest

Aegean mermaids his!

Pope of good luck

no lapsed believer

toasting vodka of bushfire

Whilst hero of tomorrow

oh unrisen aleme

womb fresh with solar

Turbines of a livable future,

whilst sad-classmate

dwells on nostalgia.



He can sketch the beauty of nature
the allure of the dandelion
that bravely tilts head skywards
to the refulgnet mistress sun
or the lilly pads so shy
trembling on water skin
with just a splashing of words
no hurry, nor haste he paints
scenes of vibrant hues

He is an artist mind reflective as water
receptive open to myriad beauties
of serenst blue horizons
religious knowledge he has too
and can etch with a few words religious imagery
his words lyrical glide soft as swans
on the serenest cool blue waters
words that spring and sing
for he is a dancer of words

Source :


Beyond Kübler-Ross five-stages of grief
You saw other colors of this floating leaf
In the air, on the river and time, in fire:
Aging line or death count gets higher.

Resilience at the other side of sadness,
Life after a loss: this carol of gladness,
As your hope got into the driver’s seat.
This lonely cat is walking in the street

With its green look and chosen speed:
Old solitude walks on the grass in need
To leave the house without motivation.
For possible world in new exploration:

You followed a magic lark from this park.
Also, you bought a dog and reset it to bark
If somebody else leaves the rich house,
More sleek than any granary gray mouse,

Blurred between different old missions,
Cold descriptions or guilty prescriptions,
Annoying pressures, revisited hypothesis
Instead of “acceptance” like a metropolis.

Source :

Truth, Who Are You?

By Poetess Salwa Naamani

By Poetess Salwa Naamani

When stars align upright
Your face shines bright
Foretelling Cupids’ delight
For meeting my eyes
Souls in fluttering tides
Desire flickers of fire
Spicing up their Heights
Infinite possibilities of mankind
the priestess and priest mandate festivity
Blue Ray Sigel from within arise
Activating the hidden sunrise
The sun embracing the night
Over the shores of delight
Waves of beams in delight
Dimensional missing of the Souls
What else is possible?

Source :

Truth Be Told

How can I be honest,
when I’ve already lied to myself?
I hide it behind closed doors,
putting the truth on the inconvenience shelf.

Smile like it’s the right thing to do,
yet inside you act, everything is fine.
Actions say we are in control,
while our heart is in a steady decline.

How can I hold it together?
The flame dwindles as time evaporates,
lying, I am fine, words spoken,
hide the destruction, of life, our fate.

Years have taken life out of control,
too many wounds, one wonders how to fix.
Messages hide their thoughts of love,
drawing happiness away, truth dies in the mix.

How does one patch what is broken?
come as you are, I tell my bleeding heart.
I need to tell you my true feelings,
so life will bridge Love, into our hearts.

source :, India .

Love in Gammo Style — Alemeye Gammo

The night befell with shadows
creaking sounds made hallows
by looking at the windows through the hole.

I looked in the far distance
just saw a ghost with amber stance
floating like gallows making me terrified by its shadow.

Never had the courage to go near
Even though I’m at a distance very far
I belge like a potato and screamed with a whistle blow.

Suddenly it starred so straight
Making me shiver in fright
Till now not able to forget what happened on the deadly night.

I don’t know till now it is a nightmare
All I did is to have a cold shower
just closed my eyes and slept in the bed till the morning dawn.

source :

Forgive or leave me to regret

By Bhumika Shekwat,India

I may unconsciously sink
Or may bring so much to drink
But I’ll never choose you to date

I’m the one, the most cute
And you? A ripened fruit
The word pops up is just “hate”

You don’t belongs to any link
You just shrink and shrink
And I have a lot more to create

You insist me to be with you
Like the cap with bottle or some glue
But sorry, I don’t want to debate

Well, I have a brownish suit
And in it, you’ll surely look so cute
So, we have so much left to be made

Let me tell you the reason
Behind change in behavior like season
I wanted to see you in this shade

I just wanted you to wear it and try
But unfortunately you were too much shy
Forgive me now or leave me to regret

source :

To Aleme Gammo,

by Krizly Bear, Oklahoma USA.

Source :,%20.otitle_15812911

“To Aleme Gammo

Wonderful minds from around the world
Some whom we’ll never know
Some places on earth no matter how hard you
Try, give you no room to grow

You can study all day and work all night
With barely a meal to eat
Get up when you fall but the powers that be
Keep knocking you off of your feet

Some manage to make it once in a while
When they get the chance to flee
Crossing the ocean to a new frontier
Where they can be what they knew they could be

Unfortunately most get left behind
To struggle with heartache and strife
Broken dreams are the hardest knowing that you
Never asked to be given this life

You keep pushing forward with passion and hope
And my friend you are long over due
After reading your bio these are my thoughts
I pray all your dreams will come true.



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