Modern Conceit stanza poems and examples

ConceitStanza……Poetry Style

Conceit is one literary tool of poetry that elaborate and fanciful a metaphor or an analogy; in which two vastly different objects or materials or any things are related literally; eventually connecting both different things beautifully is the aim of conceit in literary poetry writing.
Conceit stanza is seven line stanza poetry and the 12th poetry style invention of Alemseged Sisay. The name is derived from two words, conceit plus stanza, to sum up the conceit in one poetic style with strict rules.

Rules of Conceit Stanza:

1- The poet should ponder first what to relate two far-fetched or dissimilar objects, materials, or anything before he/she gashes to starts verse making; example on the line “Human love is like a capital’s treasury” has two dissimilar phrases i.e Human love and A capital’s treasury.
2- The first line:
These two far-fetched objects which are become ready to be related should be written on the first line;
3- The 2nd,3rd,4th ,5th and 6th lines are then to be followed to elaborate and create imagery that leads for connection of the two compared objects in the metaphor of the 1st line;
4- The 7th line is a summing up last line of the stanza by linking the anaphora from the 1st line’s first strophe with ending new strophe
5- The rhyming scheme of Conceit Stanza is aabcbba
6- Metering 7–15 per line.
=================================== ============
Human love [ ConceitStanza]

By Aleme Gammo

Human love is like a capital’s treasury
That we could use to content our body and memory
Wisely, keenly, with safety requirement
By keeping good relationship continuous
Depositing pity and selfless in our temperament
To have inner peace not with compunction’s pain torment
Human love is like wealth’s treasury that requires mastery


Faith in God (ConceitStanza)

Michelle Campbell,New Zealand

Faith in Yah is like a bouquet of balloons,
hope the helium rising mornings and afternoons.
Trust blossoms beautifully into a secure tether.
A divine gift given when we choose to accept
with thanksgiving, ‘twill outlast like heavenly leather
able to ride out the most extreme weather.
Faith in Yah is like balloons of divine dessertspoons.

[ Perception isn’t reality, it’s a pair of glasses ]

By Laughing Wolf

Perception isn’t reality, it’s a pair of glasses
meant to clarify astigmatism and other impasses
whether close or distant, our vantage is rarely clear
dependent on variables that we cannot control
our limited sight, some from afar, others draw near
the helm of life can be very difficult to steer
perception isn’t reality, it’s the wine in glasses.

Be a humble person (Poetic form :: Conceit Stanza)


Don’t work from empty conceit but with humility of mind;
Can’t gain anything out of selfish ambition, better find
ways to serve others in need selflessly; don’t be a conceit;
be a humble person, helping all time isn’t that important,
but listen words of needy persons, always treat
them with respect and care, never think to deceit;
Give with no expectation of return of some kind.


BY Sandy L Galacio,New Jersey

truth is very like a carpenter with a bag of tools
holder of implements that do not suffer fools
truth keeps a society on level and on plane
a level provides the truth for one to build upon
to build and not be on the level is insane
society without truth will likewise not sustain
truth is very like a carpenter a journeyman of rules


Posted by Poetry Education 25/08/2022



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