Modern Zaysae-Gammo Style Poems

Zaysae-Gammo Style

Zaysae-Gammo style is a Septet( Seven line) stanza or poem with a rhyme scheme of abcdeed , and the last line has a refrain at the beginning from the second strophe of the first line and ends with adverb
— Syllable not more than 12 per line

The thief [ Zaysae-Gammo Style]

A thief of love stolen my heart
When she saw me on the road
With her alluring stare nearby
Penetrated my body suddenly
Robbed all the vigor I had
Went by being cheerful and glad
Stolen my heart beautifully

— -

Other Zaysae-Gammo Style of International poets

Can’t say (Poetic form : Zaysae-Gammo Style)

Does he remember me, his thought rises
my longing, makes me to love him more.
Does this mean he likes me, loves me too?
May be his subconscious mind thinks actually
to see what I’m doing, his thought makes me thrill;
can’t say, why my heart is throbbing still;
His thought rises my heartbeats rapidly.

— — —

| For A Moment Insignificant |

By Eden ElliottUnited Kingdom

A time of joy unaware of pain
Every micro cut and bruise
For a moment insignificant
Attention flees from the body
Although just waiting to return
It allows the heart a chance to yearn
Unaware of pain peacefully

— — — — — —

The Synchronous Power of the Radio

By Bob Pallister

Alexis Korner played “Buckets of Rain”
Dylan’s fortieth birthday to mark it
It soon was apparent events were in chain
By that radio broadcast part-started
Hand in hand from his gig on the coach homeward bound
We plunged in so deep, decades on we’ve both found
“Buckets of Rain” drenched-joined, we’ve never since parted

— — — — — — —

No expectations ( Zaysae-Gammo Style)

I dream about a princess came to me
with feeling sad and tearful eyes
we sat underneath an autumn tree
and love birds embraced each other
I do not expect any support from father
We never expect as we both love each other,
any support or expects from any other

— — — — — — — -

Joy’s Jubilant Say With Style Zaysee

Hey I am Joy to fight against sorrow,
Satisfaction I pay to the human mind
Because of pleasure mind is positive
Duly provides divine spiritual feelings
The life soul in mind gets holistic glad,
Shunning negative nature ego too bad
Joy’s jubilant say with spiritual dealings.

— — — — — —

Love Your Neighbour (Zaysae-Gammo)

Live life with the goal to love your neighbour

and you will find showers of blessings

for we were created with and for love.

Then no action will be done coldheartedly.

It gives more than it takes day by day

dissolving evil’s plan when you boldly say

love your neighbour wholeheartedly.

— — — — —

Here I Am Again

By Dory1984

I’ve stood here before
handing you a piece of me
I still ache within from what you did last time
You shouted loud and clear
And threw my trust on the ground
then left without another sound
We’ve stood here before, my dear.

— — — — — — — — — — —



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