Modern allpoetry Sonnet poems


By Varsha Madhulika, India

O man! Shake of your shoulders, what is gone
pull on the shoes that refrains rearview game
as you are now ready to rock the stage
breaking the shakles of your belief cage.

Lift up your eyes, try to hold the dawn
that is holding the keys to your true fame.
O man! Act when the time is in your arms
and you could see the favor beyond farms.

Leeches and lichens will lookout to own
do not fear, they can no way harm your name
until you allow the lie to bear roots
that runs deep down thru your psyche to the boots.

Lily and daisy are the free seeds sown
as you now chose to rise up above the blame
and chase the very dream that stole your sleep
scribing the future, you’ll no longer weep.

Breaking the shakles of your belief cage
and you could see the favor beyond farms
that runs deep down thru your psyche to the boots
scribing the future, you’ll no longer weep.

— — — — — — — — —

End of day (Allpoetry Sonnet)

By Maharthalani1848

There is a kind of light at end of day
that travels horizontal, as a breeze,
to reach beneath the awnings and the eaves,
illuminating all, as it proceeds.

It is a kinder bright at end of day,
a bathing light, but cooler by degrees;
beams we fled, indoors, with noontide’s bells,
now draw us out again, like moonstruck swells.

Not doors or windows keep this light at bay,
nor roofs, nor canopies of shady trees
can stop the fleeting fingered streams of light
from touching all, before the coming night.

And when the sun begins to draw away,
reluctantly, his hands, below the seas,
we turn to hold him here, without success,
presenting faces for a last caress.

We trace withdrawal of the final ray
across the sand, along the weathered quays,
and we take comfort in the bright display
that Sunset shows to Nighttime, as he leaves.

— — — — — — — — — —

Ukraine Prayers for Peace

The world is in need of permanent peace
Earth is praying for loving harmony
Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra
Sang Ukraine’s lullaby “Stefania”.

A musical tribute their masterpiece
Enchanting sweet little symphony
About Oleh’s mother whose loving care
Is symbol of resistance to warfare.

Harmonising Europe are honeybees
Giving delightful beeswax and honey
We love Ukraine’s fruit and sunflower seeds
Their food is delightful feeding our needs.

Everyone now is praying for peace please
We hear the thunder roll with timpani
The universe hears our fervent prayers
Ukraine is keen for happy peaceful airs.

Butterflies waft along on the soft breeze
Children do not think that war is funny
They want to live in peace and talk to trees
And have a future world that is sunny.

— — — — — — — — — — -

Accept life ( Poetic form :: AllPoetry Sonnet)

By PK ROY,India

In my mind you’re a power crazy man;
An old saying ‘pride goes before fall’.
Is it OK to utter such strong harsh talk?
People will consider you as just gawk;

Don’t think those cheery guys are your true fan;
People just abhor your maddening gall;
Life is short, days numbered; why be unjust?
Those you believe are crooks who play with trust.

You must be very clear, what is your plan;
When think you’re on top don’t lust; Hear HIS call;
Our wealth’s Earthbound, our life HE guides each step;
What’s done fits HIS plan; even our misstep.

Still there is time to think now, while one can;
Don’t boast so tall, better to heed HIS call;
Control ego win goals; feelings don’t lie.
If you go as per plan, it’ll go awry.

Stop rat race in life, guided the wise man;
Check the process even if very small;
Don’t expect events to go as per plan;
Accept life as comes, from virtue don’t fall.

Life — All Poetry Sonnet

By Dolly Bhaskaran

Enjoy your time every moment of the day

take your time and go out to play with friends

enjoy the time when all the thing goes well

when things are not going well do not dwell


enjoy the heartbeat given every day

count your heartbeat as long as you can find

enjoy the things you like which are around

don’t worry the stuff, which is not around


enjoy the things which you like every day

count your blessings, there is a lot from friends

enjoy your life, you may only have one

enjoy every smile, each splinter of fun


Enjoy your time every moment of the day

count your heartbeat as long as you can find

Love yourself and enjoys the days in front

you may not always get this time in front


Enrich your life with people around you

if you do not love yourself, no one will love

nourish life, with the beauty around you

energize and enrich your life with love

@Adikaran 27/05/22



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