Best Haku poems about Poetry

Haku Poetry

Frank Leibold

Poetry is

Creation best words of action
Metaphysically moves mountains
Influences hearts and souls

by Rosewinter515
Haku for Aleme Gammo’s contest

June 20th, 2022

poetry {haku}

Debra Sue Lynn,Florida, United States

Haku on poetry…

By Rhonda

Poetry Is-

Horace B. Bush,North Carolina, United States

Poetry is …

By Susan Horner


Francine Morales,New Jersey, United States

Poetry ( Poetic form : Haku)

P K ROY, India

[ computer-devised verses ]

Dr.Ram Mehta

[ outlet for unprovoked stress ]

By B Smith

Poetry- Haku Poem

Dolly Bhaskaran,UK

Poetic Nuance

By Bryan

[ place an image of the heart ]

Wanda Thibodeaux,West Virginia, United States

[ hummingbirds sipping nectar ]

Poet name not mentioned

writers block

By Battlepink

haku [poetry is…]

A H Shacknofsky

some days my poem just wont rhyme

michael mc dermott,Ireland

haku about poetry

By Sophie

my pen begins

By Caren Krutsinger

The String called Poetry.

By Priya Verma



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